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Crawl Spaces Salinas, California

Crawl Space Salinas California

Ventilation Is Key For Your Crawl Space Health 

Crawl spaces Salinas, CA are not always something you think about when looking at home improvement projects. You might assume that all homes have them, but this isn't true. It's estimated that most homes don't have a dedicated crawlspace. If yours does, then there are some very important things you need to pay attention to in order to keep your crawlspace in good condition and safe for your family. Foundation repair services for crawlspaces can make the difference between living and be forced to move.

One of the biggest problems with crawl spaces comes from structural issues. One common problem is poor air quality due to seepage and moisture. A crawlspace is an unfinished, uninviting, narrow open area inside a building, often between the first and second floors. The term crawlspace is often given a funny-sounding name, but it simply refers to space where the foundation meets the walls. The term 'crawlspace' is often used when ventilation is a problem.

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    What Causes Crawl Space Damage? 

    Moisture can cause a wide range of respiratory conditions from simple flu to deadly mold and mildew. Unfortunately, this moisture can't be detected by the naked eye, unless it happens to be in the summertime. In summer, air temperatures are warm, leaving little chance for moisture to move out of the building. Cracks in the foundation are likely to let in condensation. Unfortunately, if you have ever experienced water damage in your home, you know how difficult and expensive it can be to remove water from crawl spaces.

    By sealing and encapsulating crawlspaces, you can prevent moisture from entering your living space. Cracks and small spaces may seem like they aren't big enough to warrant much more than a seal and an application of some waterproofing paint. However, in many cases, these tiny holes can allow more than their fair share of water into your home. Even if you seal and paint your crawl spaces once, that doesn't mean you won't have to deal with problems of mold and mildew again.

    It's not just the moisture that can cause problems with walls and floors in your crawl spaces. Air, heat, and water all need to reach the interior of the building through the foundation. If there's any sort of break in the foundation, such as a collapsed foundation wall, it can send unwanted visitors (and bad smell) into your living space. If there's also an excess of moisture in the walls, you can expect that you'll have to deal with water and plumbing problems sooner rather than later.


    How to keep your Crawl Spaces Dry? 

    The best way to keep your crawl spaces dry is to properly ventilate them. This means getting rid of humidity that's trapped inside the walls and floors. Properly vented rooms don't require any special fans or heaters. In fact, your central air conditioning unit can provide your crawl spaces with the ventilation they need. You may even be surprised by how inexpensive it is to install vents in each room.

    It's also important to remember that your crawl spaces are actually much deeper below ground level than they are above. All too often people cut corners when it comes to ventilation because they're afraid of the possible mold and mildew that can grow if there's inadequate ventilation. The problem with cutting corners on ventilation is that it can cost you a lot more money in the long run because you'll have to repair any damaged foundation walls or footings (if the damage is

    severe). Even if you cut corners on the bottom of your foundation walls, you might still need to fix footings or flooring so you can stop moisture from reaching your house. If your home has existing damp or wet basements, you should make sure you have well-vented crawl spaces. Remember that your crawl spaces need to be well-ventilated so you won't have any mold and mildew problems. While your basement may not be an ideal living space for your family, it's better to spend a little extra money upfront than to have major repairs later. Your family's health and your basement's quality of life depend on you making sure it gets the proper ventilation. You can often cut corners and get the exact venting you need without having to dig too deeply into the soil. If you need crawl space repair, get in touch with us right away and we’ll help you get it fixed!